Sunday, June 20, 2010

The "Bother"

By Sai

The problem with ex-boyfriends are them being bitter about what happened. Girls are like that too. There is a point where you don't want to stop talking to him just to let him know how hurt and damaged you are.

Last week was a pretty hard week for me. I fought with my ex-boyfriend. At first he was in control but towards the end I am the one dominant. I don't know what's the matter with him. I admit that I have flaws in our relationship but the problem with him is that he does not admit his own flaws. He thinks he's perfect!

Since we had that fight I decided not to talk to him anymore. I don't see any sense in talking to him again when all we'll do is fight about unresolved issues in our past relationships. Since he does not admit his flaws we can never resolve it. I was slowly coping to this sad feeling inside. 

I checked my Facebook account as usual and to my surprise he sent a message. He was greeting my dad for father's day. I replied with no bitterness telling him that I will tell my dad about his greeting. He replied mad. What's wrong with him? I think he likes the fact that he's bothering me. To solve the problem I blocked him in my Facebook account. I want to live my happy single life without him! He's a big pain in the *ss.

I hope he'll mature soon. His next girlfriend would be in hell if he stays like that. Good thing for me I had the chance to break free.

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