Friday, June 25, 2010

I hate you

By Sai

It has been roughly 2 months since we broke up. Let's just replace my ex-boyfriend's name with James. I really love James. He was my all! I blocked him in Facebook last week because he's starting a fight. I've been thinking too many things lately and a fight from him will add some stress.

I've been missing him since day 1 of our break up. Last night I was talking to friend, Ashley. We we're talking about something when I noticed myself writing James' name. Darn! I still love him! This is the sad part..... He's interested in another woman now :( MAJOR OUCH!

I'm sad right now because I see a different photo in him profile (yes I unblocked him in Facebook just to check what he's into right now and, yes, I miss him). It was a lady's photo who's really stunning! It hurts! Man! My profile picture is me holding a paper with "I hate you" written on it. I guess it's really for him. 

It has only been 2 months and he moved on! WTF?!?! (Sigh) I wish I can shake this feeling off of me :(

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