Friday, June 18, 2010

The story behind the name

By Sai

If you've been following my other blogs you would probably know me as "Sai Verano." Now with this very first post from the bottom of my (broken) heart, I'd use ONLY "Sai" from now on. I'm letting go of the "Verano" part. It was actually my boyfriend's (ehem... ex-boyfriend's) last name. Yes! I was a victim too! I thought we're meant to be.

We broke up because of too many issues. I can't stand his insecurities in life and his demands! It was just too much for me :( I learned to separate my own feelings (the sad ones) when I'm at work but today is different. The sadness was there. I can't hide my lonely face and my teary-eyed because of what I found out today.


Most couples have their own Facebook accounts and they invite themselves. Most couples set their status as "In a Relationship with (blank)." I was like that before but now my status says "Single."

My ex-boyfriend blocked me (my request) because I don't want to see him anymore (not even on Facebook). I don't want to be the one who will block him so I suggested that if doesn't want me anymore he can block my account anytime. So he did.

This is one way of moving on! Not seeing him around will lessen the pain.

To my surprise, my friend (who happened to be his friend on Facebook too) gave me a droopy face this morning. She wants me to see her laptop. It was a status message from my ex-boyfriend saying, "my Ex SUCKS >.<"


How could he do this to me! I gave him my best shot! I gave him almost everything and now he thinks I suck? I helped him in all possible way that I can (in his studies, in his family, even in their own financial problem) now I am the one who suck!

Now I am 100% sure that I don't want him back!

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