Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I want my Aidan

By Sai

There’s a lot of Sex and the City going on in my life right now. I am now on Season 4 and I still have a lot of Sex and the City marathon to do. Now, during the past episodes of SATC Carrie cheated on Aidan. I felt bad for Carrie because she was so f*cking okay with being with Mr. Big and losing Aidan. MAJOR NO! Aidan is perfect!

We all have our own Mr. Big in our lives but Aidan happens only once in a blue moon! Tonight I fantasize on meeting my own version of Aidan in my lifetime – a perfect man who perfectly loves you.

I admire how he, Aidan, just forgives and forget what Carrie did to him. That’s so manly and mature of him. I am sure that if I am Aidan it is HARD to just love the woman who broke your precious heart. It’s then I start to wonder – I want someone like him.

Yes, he is so damn hot! I like the new hair, clean and so hunk! I love how he confronts “Batman” and in a manly way told Mr. Big that “Hey, she is mine now so get the f*ck out of here!”

I think I already met my Aidan but I guess not. Let’s name him Robert. Robert is a great guy. No! He is one hottie who likes me. I was so mesmerized with his beautiful face and never thought if he really loved me. Yes, I never cared because just the thought that “he likes me” thrills me to the bone! If James was my Mr. Big, Robert was my Aidan. He could be a great boyfriend too, I must say. Oh man, now I am REALLY thinking about him! If he is all these things then why didn’t I date him or committed? Yes he wanted me to be HIS girl but it’s just too good to be true. I may have this Miranda side of me. He is way too handsome for me (not that I am saying that my looks suck but hey! I must be that hot too for him to like me, right?).

I do not want him to be the rebounder. I am still in the “I just broke up with somebody” stage. I like him but love him? Nah! I do not want to cheat on myself. I still love James, who can’t stood up for me and here comes Robert who, from a point of view of a woman like me, really likes me. Since I am so emotional these past few weeks I have been thinking of calling him. I want to see him and see where this path will lead us but I do not want to mislead him. I want my Aidan when this Carrie is ready to forget Mr. Big.

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