Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Life is too short

By Sai

Life is too short.

Today, I am happy because at one point in my life and in this blog’s life I helped a man. He, too, was broken. His heart was badly wounded by a girl. Let’s call him Sam.

I never met Sam. I know how he looks like. We’re virtual friends. He’s my friend in Facebook and in Plurk. We respond to our plurks some times and last day we shared something in common – a broken heart.

You will never know how much damage you will cause to someone’s heart when you broke up with him or her unless he/she voices them out. You will never know how your simple goodbye can tear someone else’s dreams apart. I know it is hard at first but somehow time will heal you.

I listened to Sam’s “heart” problem. I told him things anyone will tell. Things like “You will get over her, don’t worry,” “This too shall pass,” “Life’s too short to be sad like that,” and “Cheer up.” There’s one thing I said that I am really proud of – “read my blog. Here’s the URL.”


I didn’t mention that just for the sake of promoting this site. I am really concerned about him. He seems so hurt. His heart is really broken and I’ve been there with what happened to me and James. I know what it’s like to love someone and in the end just finding yourself crying alone over someone who you thought would be yours forever. I realized how this blog helped me. I realized how Sex and the City helped me realize some points about relationships, love and loving someone again and again. I learned we never should give up in love with the caution of not filling our mind with a “happily ever after” ending.

Sam said, “I’ll check your blog.” A man of his words, he checked it. I do not now until what part he finished reading this “broken hearted blog” but today he said something that made me smile.


Those were the first “Thank you” message I ever had in 3 years of blogging. It was sincere and I can feel how The Single Lady Blog helped him smile even for a little while.

To Sam, you’re very welcome. I am happy that I somehow helped you realize the pain I’ve been through. I am happy my heart aches made you realize something – moving on from your past relationship should not be full of sad faces, sometimes you also have to smile and be optimistic.

To all broken hearted like me and Sam, I hope you continue reading this blog and I will be very happy to hear or read your “Thank you Single Lady, I am healed now.” Now that’s my mission now. I want to help all broken hearted people because I know what it’s like to be broken from inside. Always remember this, no one (not even an asshole) can stop you from being happy. If someone breaks your heart just tell him, “Okay, charged to experience. Moving on. Next!”

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